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Q: What separates teachers from instructors?

A: "As a teacher, we go the extra distance to develop our students and their dreams.  We go up, out, and beyond for our dancers.  We care!  We pour our hearts and souls into each student, and we coach them and walk with them down their paths (in and out of the studio), and we become a permanent part of their lives."

- Keith



About Us


As a leading provider, we at KAST Academy of the Arts take pride in offering some the best dance training in Sacramento.  We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.

KAST, also known as Keith and Summer Turk (a husband and wife team), have been dancing and working in the dance industry for a combination of more than 25 years with training in Jazz, Ballet, Tumbling, Hip Hop, and Modern Contemporary. They want to bring their expertise and experience to, and share their passion with every dancer at KAST Academy!  So, come dance with us and spread the word.



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